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Mountain's Edge


Mountain’s Edge is a special place. From here you can see hundreds of millions of years of mountain building: from the massive thrust fault that created Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston to the volcanic mountains to the south.

Nomadic ancient Indian Tribes traversed this area to find water and new hunting grounds. They left markings called petroglyphs at several ancient campgrounds in the canyons surrounding our community.

During the 19th century, scouts, frontiersmen and pioneers carved out the Old Spanish Trail which passed right by Mountain’s Edge. First discovered by Rafael Rivera, and later named by Captain John C. Fremont, the Old Spanish Trail was used as a major trading route with Southern California and aided miners and traders who brought ore and supplies to the original settlers of Las Vegas.

And in 1905, just a couple of miles away, you could have witnessed the symbolic hammering of the last spike of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City Railroad. This event signified the completion of the last major railroad to be built in America and was the lifeline that created the town of Las Vegas.

We are but part of the long history of human inhabitation of these lands. Las Vegas is a dynamic place. Its history is unique, its settlers are colorful and its growth has been nothing short of dramatic. If you would like to learn more about the area surrounding Mountain’s Edge, and our valley’s rich history, see Mountain’s Edge: A Living History on this page.

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