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Mountain's Edge

Paiute Park

palute-park-mainThe newest park that enhances the outdoor lifestyle for Mountain’s Edge residents, Paiute Park features a multi-use field, sand volleyball, tot lot and basketball courts.

Since the Paiutes – and before them, the Anasazi – were the original inhabitants of the region, Paiute Park recognizes their involvement and contributions. Ancestors of the Paiutes occupied most of Southern Nevada and parts of the Colorado River, Southern California and Utah. In 1826, trappers and traders began crossing Paiute land, and these crossings became known in 1829 as the Old Spanish Trail. The trade route from New Mexico to California passed by the Mountain’s Edge community. Though these Native Americans lived a nomadic lifestyle rather than establishing permanent settlements, their history still exists in the form of petroglyphs and pictoglyphs in the surrounding canyons, including Red Rock Canyon and Sloan Canyon.