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Easter Roundup

April 5th, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend is upon us, and we’ve compiled some recipes, trivia and egg inspiration! Happy Easter!

Hosting dinner on Easter Sunday, but at a loss for what to make? MSN has you covered with 32 awesome recipes. (

And to finish that awesome meal, here are 12 impressive Easter desserts. (

Ever wonder how eggs became a symbol of Easter? Do you know why Easter is called a “moveable feast”? Find those answers and more here. (

These Easter egg art pieces take egg decoration to a whole new level! (

These Spring-inspired earrings make spectacular Easter basket stuffers for the grown up gal(s) in your household. (

Ever heard of a chocolate bilby? Neither had we until we read this article! The furry Australian marsupial is making a comeback in its homeland, both in the wild and as the inspiration for an Easter confection. (

This story about Volker Kraft will make you smile. In 1965 Kraft decorated a tree near his home with 18 eggs. The tradition has grown every year, and this year, with help from his wife and daughter, Kraft festooned the tree with 10,000 eggs. (