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Mountain's Edge

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe in the Desert Heat

October 1st, 2012

With Family Fur & Fun Festival just around the corner, we wanted to remind you to keep your furry friends safe and healthy in our hot desert climate. Animals, like humans, can easily be affected by extreme temperatures and sun exposure. Here are ways to make sure that your animals will be happy in the heat.

Spot the Symptoms

The ASPCA’s tips for hot weather [] cites many warning signs that your animals may be over-heated. These include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor or collapse. Extreme heat can also cause seizures, bloody stool and vomiting. Be aware of these symptoms and take immediate action if they are apparent in your fury friend.


Protect the Paws

Walking on hot pavement and sun-drenched surfaces can damage your pet’s paws. Not only can it cause great pain to the animal, but the skin can be burned and cause complications. As well, your pet’s body is closer to the heat radiating from the ground. This can cause them to overheat more quickly. Make sure to take walks at cooler times in the day, and keep your time outdoors with them to a minimum during extreme conditions.


Keep the Coat

It may seem smart to shave your pet’s hair in the warm months, but, for many breeds and species of animal, hair helps with heat and protects from sunburn. Groom your animals as you usually would, regularly brushing them to take away any naturally shed hair during periods of high heat.